Do you have questions about working at PC Connection? Great—we’ve got the answers!

          What does PC Connection do?
          What kinds of jobs are available at PC Connection?
          What is it like to work in sales at PC Connection?
          What about non-sales jobs?
          What about promotions and advancement?
          What is the work environment like? Is there a dress code?
          How is the company doing?

          Q: What does PC Connection do?

          A: Simply put, we help customers connect with the right technology. From individual consumers and Fortune 500 businesses to healthcare, education, and government markets, we serve as a trusted IT partner to make sure our customers have the right technology solutions to achieve their goals. We sell primarily through our sales force of seasoned Account Managers, catalogs, and websites, providing access to a portfolio of valuable technology services and more than 300,000 IT products from leading manufacturers.

          Q: What kinds of jobs are available at PC Connection?

          A: We regularly interview employees for jobs in the following areas:
          • Administration
          • Advertising
          • Business Management
          • Customer Service
          • Distribution
          • E-commerce
          • Finance
          • Human Resources
          • Information Technology
          • Marketing
          • Product Management
          • Professional Services
          • Sales
          • Systems Engineering

          Q: What is it like to work in sales at PC Connection?

          A: Our staff of Account Managers is the driving force of our growth and success, so we’re always looking for talented candidates with all levels of experience to help us handle our growing business. You don’t need a technical background either—if you’re the right person, we’ll provide all the training needed for success in sales.

          Q: What about non-sales jobs?

          A: For jobs that don't involve direct selling, we strive to offer competitive salaries in all areas. After joining our team, you'll get periodic reviews and opportunities for raises. It's in our interest to build a staff of long-term employees, and we recognize that compensation is as important to satisfaction as doing a job that matters. Stay with us, and you'll have chances to build your earnings through stock purchase plans, retirement savings, employee discounts, and other perks. See our benefits page for more details.

          Q: What about promotions and advancement?

          A: At PC Connection, Inc., we’re not just about selling products. We’re about developing careers and people, and we’re passionate about ongoing training and career growth. We believe that continually challenging our employees through internal placement will increase your motivation and growth. Current openings are posted internally, and we encourage employees to apply to them. As the saying goes, your success is our success!

          Q: What is the work environment like? Is there a dress code?

          A: We aim to foster a professional environment, but there’s still room for you to be an individual. The most important thing is that we expect employees to treat each other with courtesy and respect. The dress code at PC Connection is business casual—collared shirts, sweaters, dress pants, and khakis are acceptable. Our standard business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Some departments require coverage outside of working hours.

          Q: How is the company doing?

          A: PC Connection doesn’t stop building on the success of our 30-year history. We continue to evolve, innovate, and make strategic investments to position the Company to broaden and deepen our customer engagements and grow our expertise. Our segment remains very competitive, but we have a loyal customer base, great brand equity, an ever-expanding product line, and the tools to capitalize on opportunities.

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