Adobe® Acrobat® CLP Packs

          Acrobat CLP Packs are a new way for commercial and government organizations to affordably expand the use of Acrobat software for PDF document creation and collaboration within the existing Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) by purchasing Acrobat in pre-defined quantities.

          Receive additional savings on the leading desktop PDF solution

          Acrobat CLP Packs are offered worldwide through the Adobe CLP program, a volume-based software licensing framework for midsize to large organizations. Not only do you receive additional savings on top of your current CLP discount level with Acrobat CLP Packs, but you can continue to take advantage of the centralized tools to track and manage your Adobe software volume licenses available within the program. And because points for Acrobat CLP Pack purchases are calculated at pre-discount rates, you’ll accrue CLP points for special discounts even faster.

          Built-in discounts immediately available

          Acrobat CLP Packs are available in seven quantities, starting at 100 seats and ranging up to 2,000 seats, for full-seat purchases of Acrobat X Standard and Acrobat X Pro. Acrobat Upgrade Plan CLP Packs are also available to accompany the full-seat purchase packs.

          Acrobat X Standard
          Quantity Language Discount*
          100 5%
          250 10%
          500 12.5%
          750 15%
          1,000 20%
          1,500 30%
          2,000 40%
          Acrobat X Pro
          Quantity Language Discount*
          100 5%
          250 10%
          500 15%
          750 20%
          1,000 25%
          1,500 35%
          2,000 45%

          * Discounts are on top of normal CLP level discounts and apply to the following language versions: Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, English, International English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, North American Spanish, Swedish.

          Easy to purchase and deploy

          Acrobat CLP Packs can easily be added to any CLP transaction by Authorized Adobe Licensing Centers and Adobe sales representatives. As a CLP member you can continue to track and manage your software licenses through the Adobe Licensing Web Site (LWS). This portal enables you to run reports, track order history, access serial numbers and download available software from one central location, making it easy to deploy Acrobat software to multiple users in across various departments and locations within your organization.

          Acrobat X significantly streamlines software deployment with:

          • Improved support for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and System Center Essentials (SCE), including capabilities such as automated deployment, asset intelligence, and IT policy enforcement.
          • New support for Microsoft System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP) catalogs simplifies the process of importing and publishing updates.
          • Automated volume licensing control for large enterprises using the Adobe Provisioning Tool for Windows® or the Apple Remote Desktop for Mac OS, which eliminates the need for manual installations.

          Acrobat X also supports centralized server hosting using standard hosting environments such as Citrix XenApp or Windows Remote Desktop Services. The Adobe Customization Wizard, a free downloadable utility, helps you customize the Acrobat installer and configure application features before deployment.

          All of these capabilities are available when purchasing Acrobat CLP Packs from the PC Connection Family of Companies. Call your Account Manager for purchasing information. 


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