Prelude CS6

          Adobe® Prelude™ CS6 software streamlines your production tasks with a unified toolset, allowing you to work faster and stay organized. Ingest nearly any file-based format and begin logging immediately, adding searchable temporal markers and notes that carry through your entire workflow, so you can work efficiently and target content effectively.

          • Ingest and log footage quickly and easily—Get to work faster with easy ingest of file-based footage, including the ability to transcode to nearly any file-based format. Tag footage with searchable temporal metadata that is carried through your workflow.
          • Create rough cuts—Get a headstart on editing by combining clips and subclips, complete with all related markers and comments. Take advantage of a simple one-click Send to Adobe® Premiere® Pro option for final editing.
          • Integrate into virtually any workflow—Connect directly to existing media asset management systems and workflows with Adobe® Prelude™ CS6 software, an open platform that supports customized integration with third-party technologies.* Create custom markers to capture data specific to your production and view it in Adobe Premiere® Pro software.

          * Customization of Prelude is available to Adobe technical partners through the use of the Prelude SDK.

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