High Capacity Data Center Networks

          Scale As Fast As Demand Spikes

          Capacity planning for a network is challenging as your organization grows and your functional needs evolve. Deploying scalable network technologies and platforms from HP Networking empowers you to build flatter and more efficient data center networks to address escalating performance, scalability, security, and management demands.

          • A shared-service management model accelerates standardization, reduces operational costs, and speeds business results.
          • Flexibility and scalability maintain high performance, enable agile network provisioning, and integrate new technologies with existing investments.
          • Automated security policy enforcement with centralized management protects critical data across the data center.

          High-Performing, Resilient, and Easy to Manage

          With HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF), HP’s switch platform virtualization technology you can dramatically simplify the design and operations of your data center and campus Ethernet networks. IRF overcomes limitations of legacy spanning tree designs by providing rapid failover for delay-sensitive, mission-critical applications and improving network utilization and performance in the network core.

          IRF consolidates management of many devices into a single, easy-to-manage, virtual switch. By deploying IRF in conjunction with highly-scalable 12500 switches in the core and 5830 GbE and 5820 10 GbE series switches in the access layer, you can eliminate the requirement for a dedicated aggregation layer as you scale-out data centers and enjoy the benefits of large Layer 2 domains with increased network uptime and simplified management.

          Solutions Begin with Us

          Your network needs to keep pace with the demands of virtualization, increased traffic, the shift towards mobile access, and a growing wave of video content. Capacity plans offer a defined path to the future.  

          Listen to this podcast to learn what network and data center capacity planning can do for you. Then speak to one of our HP Networking Specialists to assess your specific environment.  We can identify the capabilities of your network with a Network Assessment, uncover weaknesses with a comprehensive Security Assessment, and help you design and implement a networking solution that meets the unique needs of your organization.

          To learn more, please complete this Information Request Form or you can contact your Account Manager at 1-800-800-0014 (business customers) or 1-800-800-0019 (public sector customers).

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