PC Connection specializes in the technology needs of small and midsize business. We strongly recommend that our customers upgrade their business PCs to Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Office 2010 so they can take advantage of the latest productivity and security features.


          Here are the Top Five Reasons we recommend upgrading.

          1. Security

          Get a modern security system. Help keep confidential information confidential, help protect your PCs from today’s malicious software and viruses, and help prevent lost data with advanced security and backup features.

          2. Productivity

          New tools help make productivity easier. When you bring your PCs up-to-date, your people get the benefit of the latest timesaving and desktop features, including faster startups, improved email management, and Windows Desktop Search, to help find information quickly.

          3. Mobility

          Today’s workforce is going mobile. Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Office 2010 are designed to help people stay connected and productive, no matter where they are.

          4. Collaboration

          Teamwork is vital to business success. Tools that include coauthoring, online meetings, and document sharing can help your people work together, whether they’re in the same office or spread out in different locations.

          5. The Cloud

          Be ready for the cloud. Whether you want to enable a mobile workforce or reduce the cost of internal server infrastructures, Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Office 2010 help prepare your business to reap the benefits of the cloud.

          Download the Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Modern PCs


          PC Connection can help you get these benefits. Contact us today to learn more about upgrading your computers to be Business PCs.  Call 1-800-800-0014 (business) or 1-800-800-0019 (public sector) or complete this Information Request Form.

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