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          Optimize Your Operations with Our Assessments and Services

          PC Connection Data Center Practice helps you optimize data center operations and improve efficiencies. We provide services that can help you to properly design your power and cooling infrastructure, assist with co-location and disaster recovery facilities, and identify and correct trouble spots in your data center.

          We Offer:

          • Power Assessments
            For most organizations, data center costs are rising. Environmental responsibilities are also presenting new opportunities to review best practices and increase cost savings. PC Connection can provide an assessment and analysis of your data center facility and critical physical infrastructure components—including your power systems and rack configurations. A PC Connection Power Assessment supplies you with the information you need to manage your facilities to optimize performance, extend the life of your hardware, and achieve the highest level of network availability.

            We review your critical infrastructure capacity including power utilization and quality. In addition to providing you with data, our reports include recommendations to correct, enhance, increase, and extend the capabilities of your data center. Our assessment helps you maximize availability,
            optimize space, and more efficiently make use of your power infrastructure.

          • Cooling Assessments
            A PC Connection Data Center Cooling Assessment collects data pertaining to environmental conditions, critical infrastructure capacity and utilization, cooling distribution and effectiveness, and the condition of power and cooling equipment. From this data, we develop a comprehensive report which includes recommendations to correct deficiencies, optimize existing conditions, increase infrastructure capabilities, and extend the life of your data center.

            Whether you’re looking to understand humidity level tolerances, infrastructure loads, rack inlet temperatures, or other potential data center hazards, our assessment can help you get the most out of your data center cooling investments.

          • Colocation and Disaster Recovery Services
            Colocation services are ideal for organizations that are running out of power, space, and cooling in their data centers or for organizations that choose to offload the day-to-day costs associated with maintaining and monitoring their infrastructure.

            PC Connection Colocation Services consist of SAS70 certified facilities which provide power, cooling, security, and bandwidth. The services are prepackaged and customized, and all include a 100% uptime guarantee.

            Colocation services can also be used to support your disaster recovery plans. PC Connection Disaster Recovery Services provide reliable power, cooling, and Internet infrastructure—available to you 24 x 7. Our data centers protect your data with environmental monitoring and controls such as fire suppression and security systems, redundant temperature and humidity, and conditioned power backed by emergency generators.

          • Thermodynamics, Circuit Tracing, and Electrical Efficiency Assessments
            - Thermodynamics: This assessment identifies air temperature hot spots in your data center and makes recommendations to correct any air flow imbalances.
            - Circuit Tracing: This assessment helps pinpoint trouble spots within your wiring to correct intermittent power issues.
            - Electrical Efficiency: This assessment is a superset of our power and cooling assessments and also provides a PUE (power usage effectiveness) calculation.

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