Service Definitions

          Accidental Protection — Coverage for damage caused by accidental spills, drops and other specified accidents, other than abuse, cosmetic blemishes or normal wear and tear that do not affect the product functionality.

          Advanced Exchange — Low Cost alternative to Day One or Extended Plans. Customer will receive a new or refurbished product within the time specified within contract. When replacement arrives customer packs up the defective item in the replacement's box and returns to ServiceConnection. ServiceConnection will pay for shipping both ways.

          Base Warranty — Protection coverage offered by the manufacturer that accompanies the product purchase for parts, labor, and response time. Example: 1 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor and 1 Year Onsite Next Business Day excluding holidays.

          Best Effort — The amount of time that a customer can expect before service when the definitive response time promised cannot be met due to uncontrollable conditions.

          Enhanced Warranty — Additional features (uplift) are added to the base warranty that increases the level of coverage the customer will receive. Example - Next Business Day may be upgraded to Same Day with a 4-hour response. Also called Warranty Uplift Enhanced Warranty-a plan that begins on the first day of the manufacturer's warranty and adds an increased level of protection

          Entitlement — A right to a service that is stated by a contract.

          Express Repair — Customer sends equipment overnight to the nearest service center. When the repairs are completed (usually 3-5 business days) the item is sent back overnight. Shipping is usually included in the cost of the contract.

          Extended Warranty — A plan that extends the manufacturer's warranty past the base warranty period. Extended Warranties plans are break fix agreements that provide for parts and labor repair cost up to the retail value of the equipment purchased. Example - Base warranty is 1-year, customer purchases a 3-year extended warranty plan that provides an additional 3 years of warranty coverage. Extended warranty: A plan that extends the manufacturers' warranty past the base warranty period.

          Extended Enhanced Warranty — A plan that begins on the first day of the manufacturer's warranty and includes an increased level of coverage in additional to additional years of coverage past the base warranty period. Example - Base warranty is 1-Year and customer purchases a 3-year enhanced extended warranty plan that provides uplifts/enhancements to the base 1-Year warranty and additional two years of enhanced coverage.

          Manufacturer Authorized — Technician is certified and authorized to work on the specific manufacturer's hardware or software.

          On Site Service — An authorized technician goes to the customer's location to make repairs. Repairs are made within 3-5 business days subject to parts availability.

          Onsite Repair — A factory-authorized service technician comes to the customer location for equipment repair. Guaranteed with the exception of zip codes beyond a 50-mile radius of the service provider. If outside of the 50-miles, customers will be reimbursed for shipping charges. Repairs are made within 3-5 days subject to parts availability.

          Out of Warranty — Product Warranty has expired. See Post Warranty for more information.

          Phone Support — Customer care line to assist with remote problem resolution. Certain plans allow for hardware only, software only or hardware/software support.

          Post Warranty — A plan that can be purchased on a product after the base warranty and/or enhanced and extended warranties have expired. The service level options available will depend on the specific product.

          Post Warranty—a plan purchased after the base warranty has expired.

          Product Replacement Plan — Low Cost alternative to Day One or Extended Plans. Terms starts when the manufacturer warranty expires and covers a one-time replacement. Customer must send in malfunctioning unit upon request of Service net, replacement will be sent to customer. Also called Advanced Exchange.

          Repair/Spare Parts — Repairs for in- and out- of-warranty products in addition to sourcing spare parts for customers.

          Response Time — The number of hours and days of coverage available and the maximum response time by which a service technician is required to arrive at your customer's location following remote problem determination.

          Return for Repair — Courier will pick up or customer will return (depending on service plan coverage) failed equipment to the depot repair center. Objective is to repair it within 24/48 hours of arrival depending on service plan coverage.
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