Staff Augmentation

          How to Get Strategic About IT Staffing

          3 Ways to Help You Get IT Done
          Our staffing division works closely with you to find the talent you are looking for, specific to your IT needs. Strategic planning options include short-term, long-term, and contract-to-hire placements depending on your projects. We can fill positions quickly to save time and money in the recruiting and hiring process.

          IT Staffing Services

          • Contract
          • Contract-to-Hire
          • Permanent

           We have years of experience in providing IT consultants and technicians on a nationwide basis for short- and long-term assignments.

          Contract Staffing
          Finding the right candidates to work with your team is essential to an IT project’s success. Using staffing resources provides you with the flexibility to satisfy your augmentation needs on a project-to-project basis, saving costs and maximizing efficiency. Contact us if any of these scenarios describe your upcoming engagement:

          • You need to hire a large team of IT professionals quickly
          • You are working with time constraints and strict budget guidelines
          • You are moving into a new facility and need to acquire talented IT staff
          • You need to hire IT talent in various U.S. states
          • You require qualified talent for an “on-demand” scenario in various locations
          • You need a consistent hiring and selection process including specific metrics for the process


          Contract-to-Hire Staffing To save time, effort, and expense in the recruitment process, we can help you “field test” IT consultants, technicians, and engineers so you can make a strategic decision based on both your environment and the fit of the individual. In addition to maintaining flexibility, profitability, and a competitive advantage, contract-to-hire staffing offers these unique benefits:

          • You are able to staff projects on a timely basis
          • We pre-screen résumés so that you can review the top 3–5 candidates for your position
          • We make it a priority to fill your existing opening immediately
          • You are able to focus on core organization objectives, not the recruiting process

           Permanent Staffing
          We are focused on decreasing the time to deliver value from technology implementations by driving down service delivery costs, increasing flexibility, and offering a greater breadth of services. Our commitment to education ensures we can meet staffing demands in today’s ever-changing technological environment. And our scope is wide-ranging—full-time, part-time, weekend work, and creative scheduling is all part of our expertise. Positions include:

          • Hardware Analysts/Technicians
          • Network Engineers
          • Help Desk Analysts (I, II, III)
          • Help Desk/IT Managers
          • Desktop Engineers (I, II, III)
          • Programmers/Developers
          • Email Specialists
          • Break/Fix Technicians
          • WAN/Network Engineers
          • Cisco Engineers
          • QA
          • Security Engineers
          • IT Project Managers


          Call your Account Manager for more information about IT Staff Augmentation Solutions.

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