Technology Deployment

          Successful Rollouts Start with Technology Deployment Solutions

          Customized for Your Individual Needs
          Our comprehensive portfolio of services and tools includes all aspects of your technology deployment needs. Our objective is to simplify and accelerate the deployment and utilization of your new systems and help improve end-user productivity.

          Technology Deployment Solutions start with WebSPOC®, our single-point-of-contact software solution. WebSPOC leverages industry-leading methodologies and ITIL* best practices to centralize the management of people and processes—aligning them with the strategic initiatives of your business. WebSPOC adapts to changes and reduces cycle times by proactively managing service level agreements, streamlining communications, and providing control and visibility into your projects.

          Technology Deployment Solutions:

          • Logistics and Distribution
          • Image Development and Deployment
          • Asset Tagging and Tracking
          • Deployment and Installation
          • Asset Disposal and Redeployment


          Drawing from our complete line of products and services, we can customize solutions that address all the critical elements necessary for a successful deployment.

          Logistics and Distribution
          We can provide the logistics and staging needed for any deployment or relocation project. In addition to our warehousing abilities, we also have configuration centers capable of concurrently handling hundred of systems; configuration can include installing and shipping hardware components, customizing images, and migrating individual end-user data.

          Image Development and Deployment
          No matter how many types of systems you are deploying, we will work with you to develop, maintain, and install your company images. As your IT environment becomes more complex with new hardware, applications, and the never-ending security patches and updates, we will work with you every step of the way to free up your internal IT staff and reduce deployment costs.

          Asset Tagging and Tracking
          We can create standard or customizable tags and affix them to the new systems in the configuration process. Utilizing our online WebSPOC software portal and ITIL-certified best practices, we can track your asset from receipt to deployment—and ultimately to disposal or redeployment. The WebSPOC portal also provides metrics and reporting to ensure an up-to-the-minute view of all asset activity.

          Deployment and Installation
          Whether it’s a simple desk-side installation in a single location, a refresh and exchange for multiple users at a conference or event, or a rollout of equipment in multiple remote locations, we have the experience, technology, and processes for successful deployments.

          Asset Disposal and Redeployment
          Properly disposing of obsolete equipment can be an ongoing challenge. Measures must be taken to protect sensitive data, comply with federal and local regulations, and reduce storage costs. Our facilities, tools, and maintenance programs can support collection, tracking, redeployment, and refurbishing your assets—so you can focus on your organization’s top priorities.

          In addition, we can ensure that any cash value your assets may hold at the time of disposition is realized to help defray the cost of your new equipment. We can also explore how redeployment of your qualified, refurbished assets can reduce over-purchasing by reassigning them for continued use.

          Enhanced Support Services
          In addition to the services listed, we can also support:

          • National and local facility moves
          • Organization-wide equipment refreshes at conferences or events
          • Corporate refresh mail-in options including end-user data migration
          • Post-rollout service and support programs including warranty and post-warranty service


          To complement our deployment solutions, we also offer:

          • PMI-certified Project Managers
          • Web-based tools that provide activity status and reporting
          • Managed services such as security and help desks
          • Staffing solutions


          Call your Account Manager for more information about our Technology Deployment Solutions.

          *ITIL stands for IT Infrastructure Library. It is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. ITIL provides a cohesive set of best practices for the identification, planning, delivery, and support of IT services.
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