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          Move Forward with BYOD

          Mobility and Productivity

          Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the policy of allowing users to bring their own computing equipment to the workplace and use it for connectivity to the company network. Today, employees expect access to data not only from their desktops, but also from consumer electronics like tablets and smartphones. Allowing them to access systems through personal wireless devices, while still maintaining security, may seem challenging. But in actuality, with today’s mobile management processes, this is very doable and easily managed.

          What Are the Benefits of BYOD?

          • Increased productivity
          • Lower costs
          • Employee satisfaction

          What Should You Consider Before Moving Ahead with BYOD?

          • What devices do you need to support?
          • How much access you will give employees?
          • What kind of budget can you allocate?
          • Do you have specific issues and regulations to contend with?
          • How do you ensure company data is kept safe and data leakage minimized?

          How Are BYOD Solutions Priced?

          Implementing BYOD depends on the functional requirements, restrictions, and capabilities that you choose to enable. Many solutions are sold on a per-device or per-user basis with options for higher-level functionality, like secure corporate document storage, app security wrapping, and secure browsers. We can help you assess your needs and design and deploy a BYOD solution that fits your budget.


          Solutions Begin with Us

          Get Prepped for BYOD

          PC Connection can help you prepare for BYOD with a comprehensive suite of mobility services. We can help in selecting the right tools, developing the right device profiles, setting up a company app store, and reporting. These are a few of the critical items you’ll need to consider as part of a Mobility solution. For any comprehensive solution with smartphones and tablets, an MDM (Mobile Device Management) process will be essential. PC Connection can assist with selecting the right MDM solution for your business and help with deployment and setup. We can provide guidance on how you might implement BYOD, and we help you manage considerations like security, liability, and privacy. PC Connection can also show you the effect BYOD will have on your culture and help you develop a plan that adheres to your mobility strategy.

          • Our Mobility Assessment will identify the required device security you need, the infrastructure required to implement, and the recommended policies for your business, plus much more.

          How Long Will It Take?

          The time required to roll out a BYOD solution depends on the strategic goals of your organization. Your BYOD solution is likely to be part of a compliance strategy and dependant upon the industry regulations you are required to meet. We can help with the assessments and implementation roadmaps necessary to tailor a BYOD solution that will precisely fit your timeframe.

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