Network Optimization: Unified Communications

          Why Unified Communications?

          Making Technology Work for You

          In our busy workplace, open lines of communication are the difference between seizing an opportunity and missing it entirely. From email to voicemail and everything in between, today’s users rely on more forms of communication than ever before. With so many open channels, it’s hard to keep track of all the messages coming in. Add new technologies like VoIP, videoconferencing, and smart phones into the mix, and the advantages of increased communication are soon outweighed by the complexity of managing it all.

          New generations of tech-savvy users joining your organization and customer base will demand more mobility, convenience, and performance. That’s where Unified Communications (UC) comes in.

          Using a consistent interface to manage multiple devices allows you to get the benefits of increased communication without the complexity. Imagine being able to seamlessly transfer a call from your mobile phone to your desktop, download voicemails as text, and chat face-to-face with colleagues across the globe. And doing all this while protecting your networking investments and reducing costs. That’s possible with UC.


          Solutions Begin with Us

          Helpful Tips

          The best time to take advantage of UC is often when your organization is already undergoing a change, such as:

          • Launching a new business/opening a new site
          • Conducting mergers/acquisitions
          • Outgrowing existing infrastructure
          • Establishing a call center
          • Retrofitting individual branch offices

          How UC Can Pay for Itself

          • Cost reductions: in PBX lease, maintenance, and management costs, for example
          • Shorter product development and sales cycles as a result of efficiency and collaboration
          • Reduced real estate and energy costs by empowering remote users
          • Increased worker productivity

          Choosing the right UC solution depends on what you’d like to accomplish. Want to cut your long distance phone bill down to size? Consolidate and centralize your IT infrastructure? Reduce travel expenses with in-person video meetings? Considering the needs of your organization, understanding your infrastructure's readiness, and setting realistic goals are important steps in picking a UC solution.

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