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          Computer Associates has two main licensing programs:

          CA Open License Program

          Smart Purchasing Made Easy

          The CA Open License Program (OLP) is an easy-to-use, cost-effective purchasing program designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. OLP reduces costs and streamlines the acquisition, implementation, deployment, and maintenance of CA software and services. And now it's even easier for you to qualify for these discounts, and easier for you to install and to register your new software.

          OLP Member Benefits

          • Single License Key for multiple installations
          • Streamlined Media Pack
          • Simplified product registration
          • Easy-to-understand pricing structure
          • Academic pricing
          • Quick quotes
          • Worldwide availability
          • Easy product reorder

          Step-by-Step Savings

          With OLP, it is even easier than ever to benefit from licensing. You can buy a broad range of CA Solutions without the product pool restrictions often associated with licensing.

          Step 1: You make a purchase from our solution area -- no minimum point purchase is required.

          Step 2: You purchase Maintenance, education, etc.

          Step 3: You reorder additional CA solutions and benefit from your program discount for two years.

          CA Government License Program

          CA's Government License Program (GLP) is a premiere, world-class licensing program that offers government agencies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations substantial discounts, without the obligation of making volume purchases. GLP's streamlined process offers the quickest, easiest way to purchase licensing for large environments by reducing the paperwork and administrative headaches associated with traditional contract licensing programs! Furthermore, with no minimum purchase requirements, cost of software ownership is reduced and redundancy is avoided.

          GLP Benefits

          • No minimum purchase requirement
          • Simplified program with a single discount level
          • Easier administration with fewer SKUs
          • Streamlined deployment -- single license key for multiple installations
          • No-hassle product registration -- GLP purchases are automatically registered to CA
          • MLF option availability

          Simple Ordering with No Minimum Requirements!

          Through GLP, government agencies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations are able to purchase designated BrightStor Storage solutions, CA Security Solutions, AllFusion Data Modeling Solutions, and select Unicenter products, all at substantial discounts.

          Step 1: Make a purchase from our solutions area -- no minimum points purchase is required

          Step 2: Purchase your choice of program options which include Maintenance and Educational software training.

          Step 3: Continue to purchase additional CA solutions at the GLP discount for 2 years.

          Additional Information

          Minimum Program Requirements

          OLP - No minimum points

          GLP - Must be Government Agency, Non-Profit, or Academic Institution

          Media Packs

          Media is shipped with new license purchases for free. It can be purchased separately (the Solutions Kit). The Solutions Kit is a CD-Rom portfolio containing all products available through each program. Customers activate the specific application(s) they purchased via a key code provided with the license certificate. Live trial versions of other products are also available with the Kit.

          Purchase Levels

          OLP - no minimum points

          GLP - must be Government Agency or Academic Institution to qualify

          Reorder Policy (if applicable)

          Allowed: yes

          How long: 1 or 3 years

          Minimum licenses require to re-order: 1

          Pricing rule: purchase level established by initial order

          Upgrade Protection

          Available: yes

          Marketing name: Upgrade Protection

          Term: 1 or 3 years

          Can shrink-wrap licenses or OEM licenses to be enrolled: no

          Tech Support

          available: yes

          Marketing Names: Standard included with each order for 90 days

          Enterprise Maintenance - 24x7 support


          Software Licensing
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