Windows 8 Pro for Small Business
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          Microsoft Windows 8 Pro for Small Business

          You and your business are facing a tremendous set of challenges in today's economic environment. Many of these challenges are unique to your business, but there are some challenges all businesses must face. One such challenge is how to deal with the ever-increasing and evolving demands being placed on businesses today. In order to meet these demands, you must constantly find new ways to operate, cut costs, and communicate, all in an effort to sharpen your competitive edge.

          By working with our strategic partners, as well as business owners like you, we've been able to identify and define the current demands being put on businesses and their owners. To help us understand the state of small business today, we conducted research studies, held focus groups and identified patterns surfacing from direct conversations with small business owners and decision makers like you. You may find the conclusion interesting and also familiar. These 8 Top Needs of Small Business represent the collective challenges and demands small businesses face today and need to overcome in order to be more successful in today's highly competitive business environment.

          It’s not about working harder as it’s already a struggle trying to balance work and life. You need to find a way to work smarter by maximizing the technologies you’ve come to rely on. Just like every other business, you’re looking for better ways to getting it done. Small businesses want to take advantage of advancements in mobile computing so they can keep their business moving forward without interruption. Finding new ways to stay connected even when working remotely is important. And of course as new mobile solutions evolve, the question of maintaining control of information, processes, and personnel is equally important. Finding new ways to communicate and manage your business on-the-go is clearly a priority for small businesses.

          Besides meeting your own mobility and productivity, business management and operations considerations are also top of mind. By far, the biggest concern moving into this new era of business is making sure every aspect of the business is secure, giving you peace of mind that it’s all protected. When you blend the flexibility of a mobile work style with enhanced security features, you increase productivity across the board, giving you the competitive advantage. But this additional technology could mean additional complications when it comes to managing it all. Your business will have to find easier technology management solutions. It can’t afford to get bogged down with complicated systems that provide inadequate results. And at the end of the day, it comes down to just that. Finding and implementing technology that just works. Because if it doesn’t work, it can’t help you and your business be successful.

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