What's New in Wireless?

          Getting Ready for a New Wireless Era

          You Need 11n Power, Not 11n Congestion!

          Our WiNG 5 Wireless LAN Solutions distributes intelligence between controllers and access points and extends QoS, security and mobility services directly at your access points. Now your wireless network can be resilient to outages and prevent wireless controller bottlenecks. Each access point is network-aware and knows which routes are best given the network’s load so you’re ensured your download time is always rapid, your VoIP audio quality is always crisp and clear and your streaming videos are always smooth, no matter how high the network volume.

          Making a Difference with Better Wireless

          As cloud based services and new critical wireless applications gain acceptance, it will be even more important to keep pace with a network that has the capacity and the resilience your users need. WiNG 5 Wireless LAN solutions can deliver all that and more!

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            What's New in Wireless?
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