Healthcare Solutions

          Accelerate Collaborative, Quality Connected Care
          The right information, at the right time can significantly impact a patient outcome. Yet, delivering that information takes a reliable, resilient, available and secure healthcare infrastructure. VMware teams with a network of partners to provide solutions that ensure that healthcare IT always delivers for providers and patients.

            Reduce IT complexity and costs while preserving existing IT investments

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          Transform the cost, quality and delivery of your patient care with:
          • A proven intelligent, efficient and secure virtualization and cloud infrastructure platform for the most popular and demanding EMR, imaging and critical HIS environments
          • Solutions that increase your healthcare organization's business and IT agility
          • Support for VMware virtualization from the world’s leading application manufacturers (ISVs)
          • VMware vSphere, the world’s leading x86 virtualization platform

            Enable the mobile delivery of patient-care applications in clinical settings.

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          Transform the cost, quality and delivery of your patient care with:
          • The most reliable, secure and efficient way to deliver patient-care applications including EMRs and CPOE systems anytime, anywhere
          • An AlwaysOn Point of Care solution that is widely supported by leading hardware and software vendors
          • Capabilities that enable the rapid and secure authentication to clinical workspaces and patient care applications with just the touch of a finger or the tap of a badge

            Meet and exceed corporate standards, best practices and regulatory mandates

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          Transform the cost, quality and delivery of your patient care with:
          • Automatically identify and protect infrastructure that contains sensitive and regulated data such as PHI, social security numbers, credit card information
          • Adaptive, cost-effective and industry-specific security services that secure virtual datacenters and cloud environments at all levels—host, network, application, data and endpoint
          • Protect data by removing regulated PHI and other sensitive data from mobile devices
          • Built-in and intelligent policy management that helps to ensure patient privacy and secure IT systems while meeting compliance requirements
          • Continuous assessment of the compliance posture of both virtual and physical healthcare IT environments.

            Improve IT performance and ensure always-available applications

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          Transform the cost, quality and delivery of your patient care with
          • Proven disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that support emergency management programs, such as the Joint Commission’s Emergency Management Standards
          • Virtualization to simplify backup and recovery processes, and when necessary, easily recover entire systems within recovery time objectives (RTOs) using existing back-up tools and methodologies
          • Infrastructure solutions that ensure that clinicial applications receive the resources they require and maintain the availability critical patient care systems demand
          • Point of Care solutions that provide caregivers with access to critical patient care systems

            Deliver fully-supported and validated applications and cloud services

          VMware solutions are tightly integrated with a wide range of popular healthcare applications, including:
          • Ambulatory Care Systems
          • PACS/RIS Medical Imaging
          • Clinical Management Systems
          • Health Information Systems
          • Laboratory Systems
          • Staffing, Time and Attendance
          • Patient Billing and Scheduling
          • Physician Portals
          • Workforce Management Solutions
          • Revenue Cycle Management & Financial Systems
          • Automated Medication and Supply Dispensing Systems
          • And more
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