Get a Jumpstart on HP StorageWorks LeftHand SAN Solutions

          Looking for a way to quickly and painlessly integrate an HP LeftHand P4000 SAN solution into your current infrastructure? Our Jumpstart Installation Service for HP StorageWorks LeftHand SAN gives your team the tools and experience they need. Much more than an installation, this Jumpstart provides planning, deployment, installation verification testing (IVT), and knowledge transfer—all in one convenient package—to optimize your SAN implementation. It’s the perfect way to guarantee the implementation and reliability of your new hardware.

          Installation Services

          • Pre-installation planning
          • HP StorageWorks LeftHand P4000 SANhardware and software installation
          • Integration with your existing SAN environment

          To ensure that the implementation of your SAN is complete, a System Engineer will also provide:

          • SAN verification and testing
          • Hardware and software demonstration
          • Clear, concise documentation that outlines your configuration

          We Go Beyond: Jumpstart Installation Benefits

          • Site preparation verification ensures a successful installation
          • Detailed implementation and testing
          • Installation and startup by an experienced System Engineer
          • Integration of the HP StorageWorks LeftHand P4000 SAN into your existing SAN environment
          • Validation through Installation Verification Test (IVT)
          • Reduced implementation time and cost
          • Frees IT staff and resources
          • Knowledge transfer


          • A fully operational network with access to gateways for applicable remote sites
          • Sufficient rack space to mount appropriate hardware

          Also, for full integration into your existing SAN environment, all existing customer hardware and software must be supported by HP StorageWorks LeftHand P4000 SAN/iQ solution software.

          Our Scope of Services

          • Inventory check
          • Unpack and rack equipment
          • Connect network and power cables
          • Perform initial power-on checks
          • Perform base configuration of nodes
          • Network configuration
          • Install the Centralized Management Console (CMC)on one desktop or server
          • Download and install iSCSI initiator on one server—if needed for testing
          • Discover nodes
          • Configure RAID levels on nodes
          • Configure bonds on nodes
          • Demonstrate how to create management groups, clusters, servers, volumes, and snapshots—as well as how to present volumes to the server

          Additional Add-on Services

          The following installation activities are subject to additional fees and require a detailed customized Statement of Work.

          • Advanced network configuration including VLANs and ISLs
          • Replication configuration
          • Failover configuration
          • Configuring server HBAs to boot from SAN

          Call your Account Manager to schedule a Jumpstart Installation today.

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