A Plan You Can Trust

          Sometimes making the right choice can be confusing and frustrating, at PC Connection we try to eliminate those frustrations so you can tend to more important tasks. Consider two services available, Premium Asset Recovery and Standard Asset Disposition-these services protect your business against embarrassing and potentially damaging outcomes. We bring together the best solutions for remarketing and disposing of your unwanted/obsolete IT hardware assets. Best of all, you do not have to do anything other than show us where the equipment is. We can take care of everything.

          • Removal-Once your equipment is in a central location, a technician comes to your site, packages and removes all unwanted equipment, and transports it off-site for a full audit.
          • Data Security-To insure your data never falls into the wrong hands, PC Connection offers a data erasure service that uses a write over process approved by the Department of Defense that leaves virtually no data on your hard drive. Clean-all stickers, labels, or asset tags are removed to ensure anonymity
          • Inventory Reporting-A full inventory of your recycled equipment is compiled-complete with manufacturer model number, serial number, and other detailed information. This enables your company to fully depreciate recycled assets and remove them from the books.
          • Asset Liability- An EPA-bonded Certificate of Indemnification is issued which transfers title and liability for all the disposed assets, protecting the customer from risk of loss and other risks of ownership.
          • Proper Protection-PC Connection will perform a DOD Scrub of all hard drives to protect sensitive data.
          • Recovery-After the audit and cleaning, selected IT equipment may be remarketed, providing a potential return on deinstalled assets. Best of all, remarketing is an environmentally sound recycling solution that minimizes the costs involved with disposal. PC Connection maintains a “zero landfill policy,” so you can be sure your outdated equipment is properly processed.

          From removal of equipment to complete cleaning of the hardware and disks to full inventory reporting, you can be assured that your assets are disposed of completely and safely. All out-of-service systems undergo a thorough and documented data sanitization to protect your company from avoid being sued, robbed, fined or just plain embarrassed.

          For more information, contact your Account Manager at 1-800-800-0014.

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