Data Center: Server Virtualization

          Why Virtualize?

          Transform Your Servers

          Dynamic virtual server architecture brings tremendous gains in business agility and efficiency and dramatic cost reductions. With benefits like those listed below, it’s not surprising that virtualization often starts in the data center:

          • Drastically reduce implementation times and costs when deploying new applications or services.
          • Optimize use of server resources; configuration is more flexible than with a physical machine.
          • Increase availability and eliminate costly outages. Virtual servers automatically migrate to available physical servers—very useful for disaster recovery.
          • Reduce your data center footprint up to 50% and IT energy costs up to 80%. Fewer physical servers mean lower cooling costs.
          • Free up your IT staff with simplified management and effortless provisioning.
          • Become more flexible. A new VM can be provisioned as needed without the need for an up-front hardware purchase.

          Solutions Begin with Us

          Helpful Tips

          • To get off to a good start, you may want to assemble a team with varied backgrounds: storage, server, networking, etc. Virtualization is such a far-reaching technology that it’s important to have everyone on the same page, which makes it much easier to spot opportunities to improve service.
          • Expanding a virtual environment to its full potential demands a capable storage solution that’s just as scalable as the machines that run your applications. Many organizations are investing in network storage technologies such as Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions for added flexibility and agility.
          • Build a disaster recovery plan that takes advantage of virtualization. Virtualization simplifies your DR needs by reducing the number of physical machines. You can re-use hardware at the recovery site and consolidate multiple apps on a single machine for maximum efficiency. IT staff can implement, test, and initiate recoveries with greater ease and speed than ever before.
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