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          Get in Tune with a VMware vSphere Healthcheck

          You’ve made a significant investment to virtualize your computing environment using vMware vsphere, the industry-leading virtualization platform. now let the experts help you make the most of it. VMware systems are built on vSphere and it is important that the underlying infrastructure complies with the industry standard design guidelines for optimal performance. Over time, as the infrastructure is upgraded with new hardware and software versions, the infrastructure may become non-compliant with standard best practices, which can result in performance degradation . To remediate these issues, it is recommended to periodically check the health of the vSphere environment against published VMware design guidelines. PC Connection’s vMware Certified Professional (vCP) consultants can work with your team to provide best-practice guidance for utilizing and optimizing vMware vsphere.

          To learn more, complete this Information Request Form or contact an account manager at 1-800-800-0014.  Download the VMware vSphere HealthCheck brochure here.


          Don't Let VM Sprawl Negate the Benefits of Virtualization

          Virtualization is a fundamental shift in how infrastructures are architected, provisioned, managed and operated.  The benefits of virtualization include cost savings, operational efficiencies and consolidation.  However, virtual machine (VM) sprawl can create bigger infrastructure problems down the line. 

          Best-Practice Guidance for Utilizing & Optimizing VMware vSphere

          Virtualization sprawl occurs when the number of VMs on a network reaches the point where the administrator can no longer manage them effectively. Sprawl warning signs can be remedied, and a single symptom does not necessarily indicate sprawl.  However, identifying these symptoms can prevent virtualization sprawl from becoming an issue in the future, and we can help. Our VMware Certified Professional (VCP) consultants can work with your team to provide best-practice guidance for utilizing and optimizing VMware vSphere.

          VMware vSphere Healthcheck Benefits

          • Collect your current VMware vSphere inventory data
          • Optimize VMware vSphere performance
          • Analyzes data against best practices, grades your infrastructure to best practice
          • Mitigates potential risks by providing best practice recommendations
          • Maximizes your resources by improving efficiencies and providing roadmaps for future improvements

          What Our Expert Consultants Provide

          • Certified Engineers -will conduct an assessment of vMware vsphere on your vmware infrastructure using VMware health analyzer tools
          • Identification of potential opportunities to improve and optimize your virtualized environment’s performance
          • Certified Engineer-lead workshop to facilitate knowledge transfer on vMware vSphere best practices

          What You'll Need to Get Started

          • Existing VMware vSphere environment
          • Root access to VMware installations
          • Virtual Conference room with projector and networked desktops and/or notebooks running Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher

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