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The healthcare industry is experiencing a historic transformation. Driven by government initiatives and regulations, organizations are looking to make electronic patient information more readily available at the point of care, while also ensuring data security.

AirWatch by VMware mobility management solutions simplify workflows, enable faster clinical decision-making, and improve patient satisfaction with next-generation healthcare solutions.

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Enable Mobile Clinician Workflows

From hospital rounds to home visits, healthcare professionals need access to real-time patient information and medical data at the point of care. AirWatch® enables healthcare organizations to provide clinicians with device flexibility and a consistent user experience while securely accessing the clinical systems, patient data, and resources necessary to deliver the highest level of patient care.

AirWatch consolidates key clinical workow applications into a single location where physicians are able to seamlessly and securely access native, web, and Windows applications on any device. AirWatch further supports clinical workows through a set of intuitive productivity applications with single sign-on capabilities, and the ability to enable EMRs on mobile devices. AirWatch provides a containerized email client for secure access to corporate email, calendar and contacts. Email attachments are protected with the ability to require open-in to a secure content container. With AirWatch, provide a path for physicians to securely access, create and collaborate on content to be more effective in their daily workflows. Enable clinicians to quickly communicate using a secure messaging platform. Sensitive clinical data is protected across AirWatch applications with end-to-end encryption and advanced data loss prevention policies.

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Improve Patient Engagement

Healthcare organizations are looking at how technology can improve patient engagement from initial admittance in the hospital and throughout the patient's stay, as well as post-discharge in the patient's home. Mobile devices are a key aspect to this engagement enabling access to applications to track key health indicators, as well as delivering timely and relevant educational and entertainment materials.

AirWatch supports a variety of patient engagement strategies including devices configure into an application or kiosk mode. Configure patient entertainment devices to lock devices into one or multiple applications. A device in kiosk mode restricts browsing to a single website, ideal for patient check-in devices. Additionally, AirWatch enables clinicians to provide patients with educational resources specific to their procedure using mobile devices.

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Ensure Security, Compliance and Management

Healthcare providers must adhere to strict industry compliance regulations to protect medical data and patient privacy. With recent breaches, the security of sensitive patient data is top of mind for healthcare organizations in order to maintain their reputation and avoid HIPAA violations.

AirWatch provides a comprehensive platform to manage smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, printers, peripherals and rugged devices across operating systems and ownership models, including hospital-owned, BYO, line of business, kiosk and shared. Granular multitenancy and role-based access controls enable organizations to maintain visibility across their health system in a single console and delegate admin management based on location, divisions, and departments. View deployment snapshots in customizable module dashboards, leverage over 80 preconfigured reports, and log all admin, device and system events for detailed audit reports. AirWatch helps healthcare organizations meet compliance regulations through data loss prevention policies, encryption at rest and in motion, automated compliance and remediation, compromised device detection, and remote device wipe.

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