Provide the Best Patient Care

You want to focus on providing superior care to improve patient outcomes. Yet data breaches or gaps in compliance tie up your resources and inhibit your ability to do great work. Forcepoint can help.

“91% of healthcare organizations reported at least one data breach in the past two years and over 60% of hospitals have no breach response plan in place”

The Ponemon Institute

Healthcare organizations need to move faster than ever to deliver better treatment, stay ahead of compliance regulations, and innovate on behalf of patients and other stakeholders. At the same time, you want to be confident that your sensitive data is truly secure.

Based on our decades of experience, Forcepoint offers industry-leading security solutions to protect your reputation and your patients' trust while enabling healthcare professionals to access patient data wherever and whenever they need it to provide the best care.

Secure Protected Health Information and Intellectual Property Today and Tomorrow

Your patients rely on you to protect both their health and personal data, and your entire organization requires strong safeguards for intellectual property. If data is stolen, it's your reputation—and bottom line—that suffers. Forcepoint cybersecurity products let you:

  • Identify and fix broken business processes that cause data theft
  • Secure your research and intellectual property
  • Protect guest networks with the same level of security as your LAN

Guard Against Insider Threats

Current cybersecurity research agrees that threats from insiders are one of the fastest-growing areas of risk for organizations of all types. Our own findings bear this out: Most of the organizations we talk to have experienced an insider data breach. The powerful combination of TRITON® AP-DATA and SureView Insider Threat allow you to:

  • Flag risky behaviors from your end users that could precede a data breach
  • Record the exact actions taken by your employees for security analysis
  • Place your riskiest users into a high-watch group for greater scrutiny

Streamline Compliance and Regulation Processes

Staying in compliance shouldn’t interfere with delivering great care. That's why we work hard to streamline your compliance processes, so you can focus on your primary mission. Our solutions make it easy for you to:

  • Get up and running quickly using preconfigured templates
  • Stay current with a library of policies tested in the real world and constantly updated
  • Demonstrate your progress on compliance issues between audits

Safely Embrace New Technology to Stay Competitive

Healthcare professionals rely on the latest networked devices to deliver the best patient care. But today's open environments can invite both outside attacks and internal negligence. We help you protect your critical data with:

  • Secure Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux endpoints on and off the corporate network
  • Safe cloud services, such as Microsoft® Office 365.
  • Trusted partners to share records using enforced email encryption and USB devices

Confidentiality is Everything

Find out how Adventist Health protects their patients and employees from identity theft and fraud.

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