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Protecting Their Privacy with HP

Mobile Computing:

Imagine serving your patients more effectively by accessing important patient data, records, imaging, and more when and where you need it. Compute on the go, and deploy new mobile devices with confidence, using a portfolio of smart mobile products that provide the rigorous security required in a healthcare environment, where privacy is of primary concern.

Your most important work calls for the best in reliability. That's why HP Elite PCs meet multiple military reliability specifications and receive 115,000 hours of additional testing. Additionally, all HP elite products come standard with all US-Based Elite Premium support at no extra cost.

HP EliteX2 Healthcare Elitepad


Client Virtualization:

Organizations that make the transition to virtual client services realize significant benefits, including increased productivity, reduced exposure of protected health information, and better utilization of resources to help rein in spiraling costs.

Typical results include:

  • Increase in end-user productivity through:
    • Faster, simpler login
    • Minimal application session startup
    • Less CPU/memory/disk/network/latency
    • Automatic software installation and software updates
    • Fewer system events, faults, or hardware conflicts

  • Cost reduction for desktop support through centralized, automated processes and procedures for:
    • User and IT administration (including password reset requests)
    • Security management and service desk
    • Hardware configuration and deployment
    • Operating system and software deployment and management
    • Backup and recovery costs

HP T620 Thin Clients
HP Z230 SFF Workstation
HP ZBook 14 Mobile Workstation

HP Workstations

HP Workstations provide the power and performance needed to work with large patient image and data sets. With HP's highest level of computing power, HP Workstations are ideal for 3D viewing and modeling, running simulations, and installing and running healthcare software applications. In fact, HP Workstations are often used to power major OEM medical devices. Long product lifecycles ensure reduced total cost of ownership and protection of your investment.

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