HP Print Management Solutions

Rising costs associated with printing in healthcare environments can often be traced to uncontrolled practices that lack a clear set of rules. Hospitals and clinics need a convenient way to implement custom controls, lower costs, and effectively change the printing behavior of employees without impacting their productivity.

HP multi-function devices can improve how healthcare is delivered. Scan and print documents wherever healthcare happens with HP mobile printing solutions like ePrint, with wireless direct printing, and touch-to-print solutions.

Define, Control, Save

Create custom printing controls and device usage rules for your hospital or clinic that enforce security requirements, cost-cutting goals, internal compliance needs, and environmental initiatives.

HP Access Control Intelligent Rights Management

HP Access Control Intelligent Management lets you extend control over who faxes, scans, and copies protected health information, which is necessary to more fully meet HIPAA compliance.

  • Help reduce costs and environmental impact—Apply printing rules to create a smarter printing environment by creating customized conditions that help conserve energy and supplies.
  • Gather data—Collect powerful data that allows you to create a stronger, streamlined printing and imaging environment.
  • Improve Printing Processes—Route and manage print jobs more efficiently by assigning specific job types to the most appropriate printer and enable re-routing to an online printer when a device goes down during critical usage time.

HP Access Control Intelligent Rights Management

HP AC Intelligent Rights Management lets you easily assign users with access codes and device functionality to create a smarter, more efficient environment.

  • Lower costs and conserve resources—Give users access to specific imaging and printing devices to promote a more responsible use of hospital assets. Each device control panel reflects only the specific user’s assigned capabilities.
  • Monitor activity—Automatically record MFP usage details—including copy, fax, scan-to-email, and scan-to-folder functionality—and route the data directly to your secure server.
  • Increase security—Limit access to imaging and printing devices using convenient authorization policies. Prevent unauthorized use by establishing a device authentication and rights management policy within your organization.

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