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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Converged CampusNetwork

Why Trust Hewlett Packard Enterprise for Healthcare IT?

  • HPE has more than 50 years of health and life sciences IT experience.
  • Their technologies perform 2.4 billion healthcare transactions every year.
  • Eight of 10 Fortune Global 500 pharmaceutical companies use their products.
  • Their computing systems were utilized to sequence the human genome.

Simply put, you need to increase operational efficiencies, improve clinical outcomes, and speed diagnoses—ensuring that patient information is correct as well as accessible at bedside. These days, it has never been more important for your network to tackle and overcome these challenges. That's why HPE designed the HPE Converged Campus Network for healthcare.

HPE and the Healthcare Industry

Operating Room

Management lapses can lead to security breaches and network outages that can have serious repercussions, such as:

  • Public disclosure of patient information
  • Failure of clinical applications used during sensitive procedures
  • Inability to access patient data
  • Potential disruptions to critical healthcare applications
  • Delayed billing cycles

HPE Converged Campus Network: A Strong, Forward-Looking Solution for Healthcare

HPE Converged Campus Network solutions for healthcare are easy to deploy, easy to manage, and scalable—while answering your demands for greater agility, security, cost-effectiveness, and investment protection. They offer an evolutionary approach to unifying your wired and wireless networks while helping you get the most out of what you already have. HPE Converged Campus Network solutions for healthcare promote:

  • Greater operational efficiencies and lower costs
  • Enhanced clinical outcomes and patient care
  • Improved privacy and security

Increase Efficiencies with a Converged Network

Hospital Office

HPE Converged Campus Network solutions for healthcare enable you to seamlessly manage both wired and wireless networks from a single pane of glass with HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC)—while lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO). HPE solutions let you:

  • Improve the speed and performance of high-bandwidth medical applications with IEEE 802.11ac wireless support and the HPE 560 access point
  • Support patients and reduce the risk of errors at bedside or wherever patients may be in your facility via access to mobile devices
  • Enable unified security, policy, and guest access for staff and patients
  • Improve collaboration and communication among your medical staff, and speed the delivery of care with voice and video and instant messaging through Microsoft Skype for Business

Improve Privacy and Security

Operating Room

As healthcare regulations evolve rapidly in response to new demands for patient privacy, maintaining security is a pervasive theme for healthcare providers. HPE Converged Campus Network solutions:

  • Help ensure privacy of patient data with IEEE 802.1X authentication and an embedded firewall for role-based access
  • Protect against wireless threats with Integrated wireless intrusion detection and HPE TippingPoint intrusion prevention systems
  • Increase performance and simplify the user experience through HPE Network Optimizer SDN Application for Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Enhance security and protect against malware with HPE Network Protector SDN applications
  • Automatically detect and mitigate interference from devices, microwaves, Bluetooth headsets, and more with Wi-Fi Clear Connect
  • Enforce and apply consistent policies for both wired and wireless devices across multivendor environments

New technologies and regulations continue to shape the future of healthcare. Download the HPN Healthcare Viewpoint paper to learn how to compete and succeed in an era of health reform.

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