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With tens of thousands of products installed in healthcare facilities around the world, Honeywell Scanning and Mobility has the expertise needed to help hospitals solve their toughest data collection challenges. Their innovative healthcare scanners with disinfectant-ready housings are designed to allow healthcare professionals to execute the '5 rights' of patient safety while minimizing the risk of spreading infectious diseases. Here are a few of the ways Honeywell helps healthcare:

Patient care


Barcode wristbands allow hospital staff to accurately identify all patients throughout their hospital stay using a hospital-ready scanner. At each scan of the wristband's barcode, nurses get immediate access to critical patient information at the bedside and across all hospital departments.

Point of Care

Using healthcare barcoding for identification and verification at the point of care not only reduces errors it also improves process efficiency. Nurses equipped with mobile devices can scan the patient's wristband and medication before administration, the blood bag before transfusion, or the food tray before delivery. And to ensure specimens are associated with the right patient, clinicians can immediately label and scan all draws at the bedside.



In hospital pharmacies, most medications carry a barcode that is scanned at the point of care to immediately verify and record dispensing, in the right dosage, the right patient, via the right route of administration, at the right time. This not only protects patient safety, but streamlines the process of updating patient records as well.

Materials Management

Maintaining and distributing medical inventory can take up a large amount of time. The use of mobile scanning terminals specially designed for healthcare creates better control of medical inventory and the policies and procedures that are related to managing inventory levels.

Specimen Collection

Thanks to the use of barcodes, hospitals and independent laboratories can improve specimen identification accuracy and tracking efficiency. Barcodes and mobile terminals designed for healthcare also helps enhance patient safety by ensuring the correct specimen stays assigned to the correct patient.

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