Microsoft Surface for Healthcare

Microsoft Surface for Healthcare

Hospital Room

Improving Quality of Care with a Single Device

Whether in your office or at the patient’s bedside, Surface helps you do more. With the ability to run full versions of EMR programs you rely on at the point of care, you no longer have to juggle between laptops and tablets. You can move away from wall mounts and other hardware that takes your focus away from the patient.

Maximizing Physician Efficiency

Surface Pro 4 is designed to adapt to patients, making each and every interaction personal. It allows you to work on a single device that supports different interfaces—touch, type, and even write with Surface Pen to share and annotate progress charts in tablet mode. You can even dock into a workstation to create care plans.

Access Patient Records and Prescriptions in Real Time

Use OneNote to make any necessary notes and finish documentation during patient visits instead of waiting until lunch or after hours. Surface also lets you use full versions of most clinical desktop apps, giving staff the ability to share ultrasounds or blood charts on a beautiful HD screen to bring results to life.

Empowering Home Healthcare

Surface Book eliminates the delays of logging into multiple devices throughout the day. All software runs seamlessly across Surface devices and multiple user accounts, so you can access patient information quickly and securely. And exceptional battery life supports extended hours working on the move.

Built-in security features such as BitLocker, TPM, Windows Defender, and Secure Boot help keep protected health information safe. Be confident that patient data is secure and your organization is compliant, thanks to Windows 10’s enterprise-grade security measures.

Access patient details quickly and securely with Surface. Edit, update, and share electronic health records or sensitive internal documents in real time with Windows 10 and trusted applications.

Streamlining Medical Operations

Surface supports full versions of clinical desktop apps, allowing staff to review, edit, and share medical images and files instantly. Efficiency gains using Surface help physicians to see at least two new patients a day on average.

Work seamlessly across other Microsoft devices—all of which are supported on Windows 10. Capture and process electronic signatures directly on screen using DocuSign to speed up clinical pathways.

The Surface screen can be sanitized with most standard hospital disinfectants, so it can be used in most wards and departments.

See the mobile Surface portfolio in action. Contact an Account Manager today to try Surface in your environment.

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