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Enhance Patient and Caregiver Experience

Proximity’s wall-mounted workstations and cabinets are specifically designed to create seamless and personal interactions that will positively affect people’s work and life experiences. Proximity understands that caring for your patients or long-term care residents is your top priority. That’s why their products are designed to increase patient satisfaction by reducing errors and infections, maximizing efficiency, and creating a welcoming environment.

Exceptional Work Begins with a Quality Workstation

Furniture can greatly hinder how we interact with one another. With Proximity’s consultative approach, innovative furniture solutions are driven by your experiences—and how to enhance the role of technology for meaningful interactions. Proximity workstations provide you with:


Proximity’s wall mounted workstations allow for a natural room flow with no wires, monitors, or other materials disrupting bedside treatment.


With patient care and customer satisfaction on the line, the last thing you should be thinking about is regularly servicing your workstations. That’s why Proximity’s cabinets are durable, long-lasting, and require minimal maintenance.


Proximity workstations have security features that protect each facility’s confidential information. Locking features on the exterior ensure only authorized personnel have access to each workstation, while technologies inside the system prompt the workstation to lock when caregivers step away from the unit.


Furniture-inspired cabinets create a warm, welcoming, and clean environment designed to increase patient satisfaction from the moment they walk through the door.


Proximity Classic

Never Goes Out of Style

Each unit in Proximity’s Classic workstation line has been designed as an extension of your caregiver. Each workstation in this line is equipped with the tools that caregivers need to turn a regular check-up—or an unexpected visit—into a pleasant experience.

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Proximity Embrace

Sleek and Modern Designs

Don’t leave innovation behind when it comes to your workstations. With a sleek, modern, and streamlined design, each workstation in the Embrace line is sure to live up to the high quality standards of your facility.

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Custom Solutions

If Proximity’s standard solutions don’t meet your needs, please contact an Account Manager for information about custom solutions.

Which Would You Rather Have in Your Hospital or Long-Term Care Center?

Loose wires, clutered space, and disorganization?

Or clean lines, concealed wires, and organization?

Unorganized workstation
Organized workstation

Solve Your IT Challenges with Experts You Can Count On

Our team of experts has a tremendous amount of experience in all things IT. We work closely with you to understand what you want to accomplish, analyze what you need, and design a solution that is right for your unique healthcare organization.

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