Adobe Upgrade Plan

Adobe Upgrade

Adobe Volume Licensing Upgrade Plan
Manage your software upgrade strategy and purchases the smart and easy way

Upgrade Plan ensures Adobe Volume Licensing (AVL) customers are always using the latest Adobe technology without straining their software budget or administrative resources. This exclusive program for software licensed through Adobe’s Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) and Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) offers your organization immediate access to all product upgrades for the length of your coverage period at a fixed cost per licensed product. Managing software upgrades has never been easier.

Upgrade Plan benefits:
• Save money on future upgrades—Pay up front for two years and ensure your organization pays today’s prices for future upgrades.
• Achieve budget predictability—Purchase the right to all future upgrades during the Upgrade Plan coverage period—at a single cost per licensed product.
• Gain competitive advantage—Guarantee your entire organization is always using the latest technology with instant notifications of product upgrade availability.
• Enjoy flexibility in managing software versions—Standardize software versions across your organization, or enable users to choose their preferred version based on their individual needs and preferences. You also have the flexibility to determine which licenses to upgrade and to select Upgrade Plan for as few or as many licenses as you choose.
• Streamline your license management—Manage your CLP membership concurrently with your Upgrade Plan coverage period.