Software Licensiing - Cut Costs and Save Time.

McAfee Licensing

Why Us?

As a McAfee Premier Partner, we deliver the highest value to our customers and demonstrate expertise in multiple McAfee solution sets. Through investments in skills competencies and revenue growth, we can provide customers a high expertise level with McAfee products, engineering support, and high-quality customer servicing.

Why McAfee?

McAfee’s innovative approach to license procurement includes world-class 24/7 technical support, volume discount rewards for larger purchases, budget predictability, and integration across both software and hardware solutions. It’s licensing that adapts to the way you do business.

  • Easy and fast procurement options for all customers, regardless of size
  • Available for education and government entities
  • Includes Gold Support, 24/7 technical support, and software maintenance
  • Budget predictability for orders you place now and later

McAfee Licensing Programs

Perpetual Plus Licensing Program

Available from eleven nodes upward, McAfee® Perpetual Plus Licensing Program is an enhanced volume license program providing customers of all sizes with a fast and easy procurement option for purchasing McAfee software licenses and appliances. This program combines a perpetual license with one year of PrimeSupport® Priority Plus (24/7). Further value is offered through the McAfee reorder feature, allowing customers to purchase additional software and support at their highest previous volume discount band.