Open Value Subscription

Open Value Subscription offers flexible annual payments tied to the number of desktop PCs you have and the lowest up-front costs. The benefits include:

  • Additional savings in the first year if you have current or previous versions of company-wide licensed products.
  • The option to add the company-wide licensed products you have selected on new desktop PCs throughout the year at no additional cost for that year.
  • Lower payment through the years as your desktop PC count declines.

Like the Company-wide option, the Subscription option offers the Single-Platform option to standardize desktop PC software across your organization with a customizable platform that allows you to mix and match components.

Platform Option

With both Open Value Company-wide and Open Value Subscription, you can choose to standardize desktop PC licensed products across your organization on all three components on the platform (desktop operating systems, Microsoft Office suites, and CAL suites) and receive additional savings. The platform option provides the simplest way to manage desktop PC licenses because you do not need to track which version is installed on which desktop PC.