Microsoft Select Plus Agreement

More Value for Midsize to Large Organizations

The Microsoft Select Plus license program is ideal for midsize and large organizations with 250 or more desktop PCs that also have mixed software requirements. In addition, it is ideal for customers who want transactional license purchasing. Select Plus increases purchasing flexibility with automatic price savings based on purchase volume across the entire organization, improves asset management, and gives you the ability to license and manage your software assets and services at the organization, affiliate, or department level.

Select Plus offers many benefits, including the ability to do the following:

  • Manage assets more easily with visibility across the entire organization and centralized reporting because all affiliate purchases are tied to their own unique customer IDs.
  • Get more value out of licensing with automatic price savings for purchases across the entire organization and the full value of Microsoft Software Assurance coverage, no matter when you purchase it.
  • Streamline the contract process with a single organization-wide agreement that never expires, Software Assurance alignment, and licensing consolidation.

Select Plus categorizes software products into three distinct product pools: applications, systems, and servers. The price level for each pool is based on product points that you earn for automatic-tiered discount levels. Your organization has one year from the time of initial order to reach 500 points. A single order of 500 points is required to reactivate a pool that is on hold.

Price Level   Point minimums at each annual compliance check
A 500
B 4,000
C 10,000
D 25,000

Each software product carries a point value. For example, Office Professional Plus 2010 is worth 2 points, Microsoft Online Services Subscription is worth 1 point, and Windows Server 2012 is worth 15 points. The Software Assurance component of License & Software Assurance is worth half the total point value of its accompanying license annually.