Symantec Buying Program: Express

A better way to purchase Symantec security and availability software products

Symantec Express is a buying program for small to midsize companies who need an expedient way to purchase small license quantities, without time-consuming paperwork. Organizations can use this program to purchase Symantec security and availability software products, as well as support and maintenance service options. The more licenses ordered on a given transaction, the greater the pricing incentives.

Express customers are organizations that:

  • Have purchase requirements of licenses between 1- 500 units
  • Use the products within the country of purchase

Key Features and Benefits

  • A low minimum purchase (1 S-Band server license or 5 desktop licenses)
  • Access to all Symantec security and availability software products and Enterprise Support Services
  • Easy authorization – certificate-based terms and conditions
  • Easy-to-buy – there are no signed contracts or legal reviews required
  • Easy process – option to combine licenses
  • Higher rewards – eligibility for increased benefits and incentives per transaction
  • Easy availability through Symantec Partners
  • Ease of ordering – A Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) is created at the time of order placement and can be used to effectively view, track, and manage software license and renewal agreements.

Express Bands

Band LevelsMinimum Quantities
S 1
A 5-24
B 25-49
C 50-99
D 100-249
E 250-499
F 500+

* Customers may qualify for enhanced benefits in the Symantec Rewards program for orders ≥ 500 units
Products are SKU’d by band in an S only band, A-H bands, or S–H bands.