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Symantec Licensing

Why Us?

As a Symantec Platinum Partner, we deliver the highest value to our customers and demonstrate expertise in multiple Symantec solution sets. Platinum Partner is the highest level of Symantec's Partner Program. Via this powerful alliance with Symantec, we can provide a high expertise level with Symantec products, engineering support, and high-quality customer servicing.

Why Symantec Licensing?

Symantec is the worldwide leader in security and availability software. Their licensing programs were designed with the specific needs of the customers in mind. The programs provide customers with a consistent and flexible way to purchase Symantec security and availability software as well as support and maintenance service options. Symantec’s licensing programs offer a single Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) through which customers can effectively view, track, and manage all of their Symantec software license and renewal agreements. Symantec enables customers to consolidate their buying power and attain eligibility for higher discount levels, helping them achieve a greater return on their investments.

Symantec Licensing Programs

With licensing program choices aligned to individual business requirements, customers have an easier way to buy Symantec security and availability software, as well as support and maintenance service options. Program options include:

  • Express Program is for small to mid-sized companies that need an easy way to purchase license quantities— without the complexity of contracts.
  • Rewards Program is for mid-sized to large organizations and affiliates that need streamlined procurement, volume-purchasing incentives, predictable pricing, and de-centralized purchasing under a common Symantec Agreement Number (SAN). The Rewards Program provides discounts for aggregated purchasing volume across distributed organizations and affiliates, plus flexible procurement processes to simplify buying in large, decentralized organizations—especially multinationals.
  • Enterprise Options is a prepaid Licensing Program that allows large domestic and global organizations to deploy a specific monetary value of new licenses, within specific Symantec product families, for specific OS platforms, over a specific time period, at specific discounts. Enterprise Options are negotiated contractual engagements.
  • Government Program is for qualified government entities that need to purchase license quantities without signed contracts or financial commitments. The Government Program simplifies buying license quantities for use in the country of purchase. Government buyers are freed from formal contracts and commitments, and are eligible to earn increased discounts for purchases that grow with the size of each order. Managing your discount eligibility can help you meet the budget challenges of government entities at all levels.
  • Academic Program is for qualified academic institutions and charities that need to purchase license quantities without signed contracts or financial commitments.
  • Academic Subscription Program offers government-approved academic institutions a flexible way to purchase software licenses that are bundled with Essential Support (24x7) on a subscription basis. The program makes it easy to procure and administer and helps reduce the total cost of software licensing.

Program Comparisons

Program Elements Express Rewards Enterprise Options Government Academic Academic Subscription
Organization Type Small to Medium Medium to large Large Government entities: National to Local Government- approved academic institutions Government- approved academic institutions
Minimum purchase requirements 1 server per transaction or 5 licenses1 6,000 points initial order2 Contact Symantec 1 server per transaction or 5 licenses1 1 server per transaction or 5 licenses1 250 units and $5K MSRP
Agreement Type Certificate Online terms and conditions Contract Certificate Certificate Contract
Discounts Per transaction Based on terms of program or accumulated points Contract- based on terms of program contract Per
Per transaction Per
License deployment rights Country of purchase Based on program terms Based on contract terms Country of purchase Country of purchase Country of purchase
De-centralized purchasing (subsidiaries/ affiliates) No Yes Yes No No No
Available support and maintenance services Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consolidation of support and maintenance services No Yes Yes No No No
Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

1 If customers order more than 500 units, they should contact their Symantec partner for more information regarding their eligibility for Symantec Rewards, which offers an ongoing relationship with Symantec and provides greater program benefits.

2 Points are assigned per SKU (point products). Refer to the Symantec Licensing Program guide for more information.