Rave Mobile Safety



Rave Mobile Safety develops, sells and supports enterprise software applications that keep on-the-go people safe and secure. Rave offers 100% hosted software as a service (SaaS)—nothing to install. Rave takes the best of mobile technology including voice, text and location awareness, and applies it to the most important outcome: personal safety.


Rave Alert
Emergency notification and broadcast alerting through text messages, recorded voice messages, email and RSS feeds.


Rave Guardian
Ensuring peace of mind by transforming the mobile phone into a personal safety device. Phone-accessed application can be armed, and when triggered, automatically sends the user’s picture, mobile number and personal information to campus police or other first responders.


Providing critical data to 9-1-1 call centers to improve response times and positively affect incident outcomes.


Increasing crime hotline participation and enhance Campus Watch Programs by empowering students to anonymously text message tips to the campus police.


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