Why Reuse?

Reuse and recycling of used technology protects the environment, helps to conserve natural resources and provides others access to technology. Connection is committed to both the environment and our communities by helping to reduce e-waste in our land?lls across the country, conserving natural resources and providing access to less costly technology to those who need it. By trading-in or recycling aging, unwanted technology you become our valued partner in these efforts and of course, you make some money in the process.

What Can Be Traded-In?

Connection partners with PowerON Services Inc. PowerON will determine the fair market value of used technology. You can trade-in any notebook or desktop computer (Mac or PC), any iPad or iPhone.

Link to FAQ’s

How it Works:

Step 1: What item are you trading-in?

• Click the Get Started button below, identify the item you are trading in and answer a few simple questions about your device.

Step 2: Receive an Instant Quote

• You will receive an instant quote estimating the fair market value of your device. If you accept this quote, you will receive an email with information on how to ship your item to PowerON Services for free.

Step 3: Receive an AMEX Gift Card

• After your item is received and evaluated, you will receive an AMEX Gift Card. If you are dissatis?ed with the ?nal quoted value, you may have your device returned to you at no cost.