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Data Protection Doesn’t Have to be Your Nemesis

Avoid prolonged downtime in your production line and totally restore your system with an advanced solution. Make data protection simple. Connection and Acronis can help protect your data, uptime, and performance from the sophisticated ransomware threats you face in your plant.
Data protection with Acronis

Manufacturing Spotlight

Investments in automation have led to ever-increasing complexity of operational technology (OT) and process control networks within the factory. This creates challenges for any modern manufacturer to ensure the continuous availability of business data and reduce downtime for production systems. If a control system stops, the entire production line stops—costing manufacturers thousands of dollars per hour in downtime. Legacy backup methods require significant manual intervention, meaning slower restores.

Acronis Backup and Recovery 12.5 protects industrial control systems and allows manufacturers to remove the burden of backup, increase uptime, and boost overall equipment effectiveness—letting you focus on production. With Acronis Backup and Recovery, manufacturers can protect digital information, maintain business continuity, and reduce downtime of critical production devices.
Acronis Manufacturing Spotlight

Manufacturing Downtime Is Expensive

The processes running on the factory floor are critical for manufacturing businesses, and any downtime immediately results in lost productivity and revenue. This means that protecting critical manufacturing applications like process control servers and keeping them highly available have always been a priority. However, this need for high availability also presents several IT challenges that are unique to the manufacturing industry. For example, applications are usually highly specialized for different discrete processes, but they often run on out-of-date operating systems like Windows XP. Software is mostly very stable and rarely (if ever) updated.
Manufacturing Downtime Is Expensive

Marquardt Chooses Acronis for a Trouble-free Production Process

The Marquardt Group, a leading manufacturer of electromechanical and electronic switches and switching systems, places special value on incremental and differential backups, system load, and low RTOs. Read how Acronis Backup offered The Marquardt Group a high return on investment, providing their production systems with improved availability and fewer delivery bottlenecks.
Marquardt Chooses Acronis for a Trouble-free Production Process

Fast Backup, Non-stop Production

Downtime costs $22,000 per minute in the automotive industry.4 How much does it cost your industry? Ready to learn more about solving your unique data protection challenges on the plant floor? Contact us to learn how we can help ease your data protection burden.