Bring the Power of Virtualization to Wireless

ADTRAN Wireless Virtualization

Step Up Your Security from Conventional WLAN

Conventional WLAN architecture utilizes thin, unintelligent access points and centralized physical hardware controllers—two potential security risks. vWLAN uses intelligent access points that operate a stateful firewall and only centralize control traffic, not data. This eliminates vulnerabilities and bottlenecks, and keeps unwanted traffic off the network.

Maximize Your ROI on Existing Infrastructure

vWLAN can control users entering the network from wired ports, ensuring a consistent authentication policy for both wireless and wired use. If you're ready to expand, ADTRAN's Bluesocket access points are completely plug-and-play with vWLAN, requiring no manual configuration.

Choose from Convenient Deployment Options

vWLAN can be deployed on VMware's hypervisor or pre-loaded on a rack mountable vWLAN appliance. It is available as an on-premises, private cloud-based solution (vWLAN) or an ADTRAN fully managed and hosted, cloud-based Wi-Fi service (ProCloud™ Wi-Fi).

Build a Better WLAN Today

The experts at Connection can help your organization simplify wireless network control, achieve greater WLAN scalability, and realize significant cost savings. From assessments to Wireless Site Surveys, Connection offers a wide range of services to ensure your next wireless networking project is seamless from start to finish. Call an Account Manager today to apply the power of virtualization to your wireless network with an innovative vWLAN solution from ADTRAN®.