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Returning to the Workplace During COVID-19

Challenges have always led to innovation. Now is no different. By pairing human ingenuity with powerful technology, we can reimagine how we work, learn, and play. Autodesk is your partner for addressing today’s needs and planning for a more flexible and resilient future. From physical distancing and people movement to safer air quality, Autodesk has tools and resources that can help you solve for the design challenges of COVID-19. Learn how they’re helping everyone return to work.

Plan Spaces for New Health Guidelines

As more people return to the workplace, design decisions take on new significance. Whether you’re designing for the safe arrangement of desks, the width or spacing of aisles, or other needs. Dynamo and Generative Design in Autodesk® Revit® bring informed decision making to design exploration.
Design for Safer Air Quality
Indoor air quality and proper ventilation make a significant difference for the safety of employees and customers. With Autodesk CFD, computational fluid dynamics simulation can be used to identify areas of risk and then explore multiple mitigation strategies for occupant safety—before making any physical changes to the building.

Get People Moving with Confidence

Health recommendations are changing the way people move inside airports and transit hubs and from their cars to their desks as they return to the workplace. Mobility Simulation in Autodesk® InfraWorks® models people movement, bringing data-driven insight to physical-distancing needs and efficiency of travel.

Keep Your Teams Working Anywhere

Working remotely can be a challenge—especially if it is unexpected. COVID-19 has made it necessary for distributed teams to collaborate closely on today’s design and construction projects, but with that comes data silos and disconnected communication. Autodesk® BIM 360® removes these barriers with a single cloud-based platform that connects your project teams and data in real-time, from design through construction.
Autodesk BIM 360

Make Your Jobsites and Teams Resilient

Construction has undergone rapid transformation in the past decade, and COVID-19 is accelerating change like never before—from new requirements for physical distancing and impacts to supply chains to the sudden need for remote work. Discover four ways to adapt building design for COVID-19 considerations by watching this video.
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