Why Belkin?

For more than 35 years, Belkin has been creating products that help simplify lives and empower users to fully leverage technology. The Belkin Difference ensures that every product is thoughtfully engineered, made of the highest-quality materials, and thoroughly tested before making its way to you.
Workplace Solutions
Belkin business solutions are built to strengthen your connection to the digital world. From cables and adapters that can bridge any compatibility gap without losing signal strength or speed to hubs, docks, and other peripherals for plugging in your device fleet, Belkin helps you power on and get down to business without interruption.
Cyber Security Solutions
Belkin is one of the most respected and successful connectivity suppliers in the world. Their secure KVM switch solutions safeguard critical network assets by maintaining network isolation while improving an operator’s efficiency and effectiveness in working across secure and non-secure systems at their desktop. In addition, Belkin’s selection of TAA cables offers unsurpassed reliability for keeping your devices connected.
Education Solutions
Designed for interactive experiences, Belkin offers solutions that enhance education. From presentation tools to device charging and protection, Belkin has what you need to build collaborative learning spaces.

See the Full Lineup of Belkin Products

Whether you’re sharing content at work or transitioning new technology into your office, Belkin’s selection of adapters allow you to use technology the way you want to.
Docks and Hubs
Belkin docks and hubs support advanced peripherals so you can future-proof every tech investment quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively. Our comprehensive selection of Belkin docking stations and hubs offers faster data transmission speeds and universal compatibility.
Surge Protectors
Protect your devices and equipment with Belkin surge protectors. From power outages to lightning strikes, Belkin help you increase the lifespan of your most precious IT investments.
Belkin cables are designed to maximize speed, reliability, and efficiency. They help integrate technology, both old and new, to give users better performance from almost any device.
Connect and protect mobile devices while maintaining their integrity. Belkin's suite of mobile products is designed to fit all tastes and lifestyles.
Wireless Charging
Experience the freedom of a high-speed, cable-free battery boost. These versatile charging pads are optimally engineered for greater efficiency, reliability, and signal compatibility, making wireless power-ups more convenient than ever.