Linksys Cloud Manager

Stop Paying for Costly Cloud Management Licenses

Save money and time by configuring devices ahead of time with Linksys Cloud Manager. This unique, fully responsive interface can be accessed by computer, tablet, or mobile phone, making it easy to manage your networks and access points from anywhere, and keep your services running smoothly. And since there is no need for a hardware controller or virtual host, Linksys Cloud Manager enables immediate scalability. Watch this video to learn more about this multi-site cloud Wi-Fi management system that was purpose-built for businesses just like yours.

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Wi-Fi Management
Manage all of your networks and devices from a centralized platform with a single login.
Network Overview
A global map view lets you monitor the status of all of your networks easily.
Device Details
Get bandwidth statistics on your networks and devices in realtime.
Status Alerts
Get e-mail notifications when devices are offline.

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