GravityZone Enterprise Security

Built from the ground up for virtualization and cloud to deliver business security services to physical endpoints, mobile devices, virtual machines in private, public cloud and Exchange email servers.

Unfollow the Traditional

Unlike traditional solutions that patch together pre-virtualization and pre-cloud Windows applications, Bitdefender GravityZone combines all the security services an organization needs into a single delivery platform to reduce your cost of building a trusted environment for all endpoints.

  • One application delivering security services to physical endpoints, mobile devices, Exchange mail servers, and virtual machines in private and public cloud
  • One console offering easy centralized management, easy deployment, and enforcement of security policies to any type and number of endpoints in any location
  • One architecture enabling full visibility and control in the data center and company-wide through integration with Active Directory, VMware, and Citrix hypervisors
  • One agent covering any combination of virtualization platforms, cloud providers, operating systems, and physical devices
  • Multiple layers of security for endpoints: anti-virus and anti-malware with behavioral monitoring, zero-day threat protection, application control and sandboxing, firewall, device control and content control with anti-phishing and anti-spam for Exchange mail servers

Bitdefender GravityZone Enterprise Security Datasheet

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