Meraki Manufacturing Solutions

Make Sense of Your IoT Data

Leverage your network and tracking IoT devices to solve a wide range of business use cases, including workplace safety, contact tracing, smart building, factory and warehouse productivity. The Meraki and solution is affordable and simple to deploy without a complex infrastructure, with a range of tags and beacons to fit your needs.
  • Workplace Safety—Including COVID-19 contact tracing, mustering and evacuation, and employee duress
  • Manufacturing—Including asset tracking, utilization management, and automated time and attendance
  • Smart Building—Including building and room-level occupancy, meeting room occupancy and release, visitor tracking, and visitor and host pairing
IoT Data

Cisco Meraki and can help you:

Increase 10% throughput*
Boost 33% orders shipped*
Reduce 75% tracking labor**

Evolving IoT Strategies in Manufacturing

Whether your facility is looking to add contact tracing post-pandemic or simply wants to optimize factory processes, you may be closer than you think! Listen to our on demand think-tank podcast about how Meraki and solutions can help you boost productivity while keeping employees safe.

The on demand version will take you to the Meraki site where you may also qualify for a free Meraki access point.

Open Architecture Overview

Additional Resources

Workplace Safety

Leverage your network. Meraki and solutions help you trace who and what employees come into contact with during the Coronavirus pandemic.
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Novid App


Leverage tracking IoT devices to track people, vehicles, and things to improve operations and drive cost savings.
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Smart Industry

The Meraki and Solution: Get a Live Demo

Turn location information from your network infrastructure (i.e., who, what, when, and where) into powerful insights and applications that drive business outcomes. Contact us to set up a time to perform a live demo.
* customer performance results