For IT Teams

Spend Less Time on IT Management, and More on Innovation

Get out of the infrastructure maintenance business and focus on your primary objective—your organization. From factory-built, pre-validated systems for mission-critical applications and mixed workloads, to hyper-converged appliances, the EMC's converged infrastructure portfolio provides an unmatched selection of solutions to take your IT team to the next level.

For CIOs

IT Just Became Your Organization’s Biggest Advantage

The fact is, in IT, the status quo isn’t going to cut it. Traditional infrastructures are rigid and slow. Converged infrastructure can change all that. You get a flexible, fast, cost-effective new model that frees your organization to focus on organization-building initiatives. Scaling to meet cloud demands is critical, and converged infrastructure makes it possible. IT obstacles are eliminated and replaced with the highest levels of efficiency, speed, and service to lead the digital transformation of your organization.

For Application Admins

Application Development Accelerated

Converged infrastructure removes the friction between application and infrastructure teams. A converged infrastructure solution is optimized to give you the performance you need today and the speed to deploy the services you will need tomorrow. With faster provisioning, and elastic power at enterprise scale, you can take application development to cloud speed. Finally, IT can meet the needs of today’s increasingly mobile, savvy workforce—and the challenges of the most complex service delivery projects.


Key Features:

  • Integrated, preconfigured, and pretested by a single
    EMC and VMware product team
  • Includes up to 800GB SSD caching per node
  • Delivers management and orchestration, resiliency, and
    quality of service
  • Scales out linearly
  • Provides a single point of support for appliance software
    and hardware

Modernize with Hyper Converged

Rapidly scale and simplify your VMware environment with VCE VxRail hybrid hyper-converged infrastructure appliances (HCIAs). Co-developed by EMC and VMware, VCE VxRail provides software-defined storage, compute, management and orchestration, and data protection in a 2U, 4-node building block. 

VxRail hybrid appliances are configured with SSD cache and HDD storage for high performance and lower cost. Great for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), hybrid cloud, and server virtualization. And VxRail is easy to deploy in small and medium data centers, department and ROBO sites, and at the enterprise edge. 

Pick the VxRail hybrid appliance that fits your use case and expand by the node. Grow non-disruptively to 64 nodes (16 appliances) in a cluster.

VxRail Hybrid Appliance Cores Memory (RAM) Storage Capacity
VxRail 60 24 Up to 256GB 14.4TB - 40TB
VxRail 120 48 Up to 1024GB 14.4TB - 40TB
VxRail 160 64 Up to 2048GB 14.4TB - 40TB
VxRail 200 80 Up to 2048GB 14.4TB - 40TB
Specifications above represent a fully populated 2U, 4-node appliance