What Can All-Flash Storage Do For You?

For IT Teams

Unsurpassed Performance and Data Services that Meets Your Mission-Critical Needs

EMC offers flash storage options that provide a wide variety of data services, including capacity-saving data reduction through deduplication, thin provisioning, advanced encryption, industry-leading security features, and more. Think about it. You can get whatever you are looking for. From ultra-fast, next-generation all-flash performance to totally unique data services. Also, don't forget a modern service and support experience that’s proactive, predictive, and personalized for all your all-flash needs. Who says you can’t have it all?

For CIOs

A Whole New World of Flash Organization Value

Organization leaders are demanding instant response to transactions, searches, uploads, downloads, and queries from the applications they use daily. Flash technologies achieve every critical storage objective, giving these leaders what they need to keep performance high and costs under control. Whether the solution is an all-flash array, rack-scale flash, hybrid flash array, or flash SSD, EMC is investing in ways to increase the value of high-density flash to drive new efficiency across their entire systems portfolio.

For Application Admins

All-flash Optimized for Organization Agility

Now more than ever, organization is all about speed and agility. Flash media provides superior performance with vastly lower latency rates. All-flash technologies achieve both of the two most organization-critical storage objectives: delivering on the demand for high performance and keeping cost under control. A organization's ability to react to changing markets and customer demands creates new revenue opportunities—and new ways to stay ahead of the competition.


EMC Unity delivers the ultimate in simplicity and value to speed deployment, streamline management and seamlessly extend the data storage to the cloud.

Unity’s All-Flash and Hybrid Flash platforms optimize SSD performance and efficiency, with fully integrated SAN and NAS capabilities. Cloud-enabled management and proactive support keep you connected.


Simple to Manage

Unity's clean, integrated user interface streamlines operations


Modern Design

Advanced SSD storage powers All-Flash and hybrid performance


Flexible Deployment

Choose from compact Unity platforms, converged infrastructure, or software-defined VSA


Greater Affordability

Increased flash density, all-inclusive software and software-defined options


Enterprise Data Protection

Unified data protection, enterprise disaster recovery, and data-at-rest encryption


Proactive Support

Unity takes a proactive approach to maintaining availability and uptime

"Flash has fundamentally changed the way we configure storage systems; it's no longer an option. While Flash provides unprecedented performance, harnessing the true power of flash requires re-thinking data center and storage strategy with all-flash design."

—EMC Flash Guru, Sam Marraccini

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