It’s Not a Question of If a System Will Fail, but When. Are You Prepared?

Many organizations suffer from data loss and extended downtime due to power outages, natural disasters, and insufficient technology resources. Increased natural disasters have wreaked havoc on businesses in recent years, while the threat of data loss, breach, or corruption continues to grow. A disaster recovery plan is no longer enough. Customers need data protection and automated options for business continuity.

Evolve IP’s award-winning Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) service provides a proven, cost-effective, and reliable suite of products that meet a variety of recovery time and recovery point objectives. From hypervisor-based DRaaS that runs seconds behind production to traditional cloud backup, we have a solution that will fit your organization's needs and budget.

Evolve IP DRAAS Suite

Organizations are more concerned than ever before about business continuity and disaster recovery. The Evolve IP DRaaS suite includes services from Evolve IP that can support both, including:

  • DRaaS ZT—A hypervisor-based replication product
  • DRaaS DT—Real-time server replication and failover between customer systems and Evolve IP availability zones
  • Reflection—A comprehensive, low-cost, and easy-to-implement solution for secure and reliable off-site data backup
  • Cloud Backup—Automated cloud backup and recovery services
  • DRaaS DK—Pre-build a desktop environment for end users in a geographically disparate Evolve IP data center
  • DRaaS VE—A fully integrated, fast, and secure way to backup, replicate, and restore from Evolve IP’s cloud using Veeam® Cloud Connect

Why Evolve IP and Connection?

Connection’s Data Center Practice has been offering on premises disaster recovery strategies for many years. As customers embrace newer technologies like DRaaS, Connection has expanded its portfolio of solution providers. Evolve IP's use of market leading products creates a natural synergy to address your hosting needs.