The Evolved Virtual Data Center

The Evolve IP Virtual Data Center is a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) computing service that enables customers to leverage guaranteed resource reservation pools (processor, memory, and disk resources) at Evolve IP’s world-class data centers. Using the VPC, customers can create virtual machines, and allocate and provision computing assets on demand from the Evolve IP vCloud Director portal.

The Evolve IP virtual data center provides IT professionals with the built-in control and resiliency of an enterprise-class computing environment, coupled with the scalability and flexibility of the virtual private cloud. In addition, the virtual data center delivers the privacy and security that organizations require.

Virtual Data Center Benefits

  • Simplicity
  • Economics
  • Productivity
  • Stability
  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Control
  • Security

Why Evolve IP and Connection?

Connection is one of the largest providers of data center technologies. Our focus is to drive data center efficiency, with both the physical and virtual server providers. When your customers look to host their infrastructure with a provider, it is important that our partners have the same care and understanding that we do. Evolve IP has built a gold standard infrastructure with the highest level of support to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.