Protect Against Today’s Advanced Cyber Attacks

FireEye understands cyber attacks and the threat actors responsible for them better than anyone. They understand that technology alone isn’t enough to combat cyber attackers, which is why they offer a three-pronged approach that combines innovative security technologies, world-renowned expertise, and deep threat intelligence capabilities. Unlike other solutions, FireEye threat prevention addresses the entire security operations lifecycle—every critical issue before, during, and after an attack.
FireEye understands the challenges and complexities you face as you try to protect your business against ever-evolving threats, such as a shortage of security experts, inefficient processes, complex technologies, and multiple siloed point products. The FireEye security-as-a-service approach simplifies, extends, and augments your current security operations so you can deliver the best security where and when you need it: in the public or private cloud, on-premises or hybrid environment, in the network, or at the endpoint.
FireEye - Protect Against Today’s Advanced Cyber Attacks

Outmaneuver Your Attackers

Mandiant, a FireEye company, offers an incident response retainer that allows you to establish terms and conditions for incident response services before a cyber attack occurs. Mandiant incident response helps resolve all aspects of cyber breaches. Technical investigation, containment, and recovery as well as access to crisis and communications management resources assist with internal politics, brand protection, and legal liability. With a retainer in place, a trusted partner is on standby. FireEye Endpoint Security is one of the tools used by Mandiant Incident Responders to handle critical security incidents. Together, FireEye and Mandiant help prevent and limit security breaches.
Outmaneuver Your Attackers

Put Email Security Above Endpoint Security

Email is one of the most vulnerable vectors for cyber attacks because it is the highest volume data ingress point. FireEye Email Security, available in a variety of deployment options, accurately detects and stops advanced and targeted attacks—including spear phishing and ransomware—before they enter your environment. FireEye Email Security uses a true big data, scalable platform to detect malicious and benign URLs based on a confluence of intelligence-led context and detection plug-ins.
  • Winner of the 2018 SC Awards Europe Best Email Security Solution category
  • FireEye MVX engine rapidly detects and blocks unknown malicious attacks
  • Advanced URL defense inspects URLs for links to credential-phishing sites and rewrites URLs
  • Impersonation detection stops difficult-to-detect, malware-less attacks
  • Retroactive analysis and alerting detects and alerts on URLs that go live after email delivery
  • In-house spam filtering blocks email as soon as new campaigns are found
  • Custom YARA rules support analyzes attachments for threats targeting your organization
  • Easy deployment and configuration integrates with cloud-based email systems such as Microsoft Office 365 and Gmail

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Endpoint Security

Defend the endpoint with a multi-level defense that includes signature-based, and behavioral-based engines and intelligence-based indicators of compromise. FireEye Endpoint Security now includes MalwareGuard, a machine-learning based protection engine based on FireEye frontline expertise.
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Email Security

FireEye Email Security helps organizations minimize the risk of costly breaches. These on-premises appliances accurately detect and stop advanced and targeted attacks before they enter your environment.
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Network Security

FireEye Network Security is an advanced threat protection and breach detection platform that provides industry-leading threat visibility and protection against the world’s most sophisticated and damaging attacks. By leveraging FireEye’s unique technologies and threat intelligence, FireEye Network Security detects what other security solutions miss, providing holistic security from the perimeter to the network core.
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Why FireEye through Connection

Connection is committed to addressing the full threat cycle. We provide IT security services that empower you to control your risk day after day, including:
  • Application Security Training
  • Data Loss Prevention Assessment
  • External Threat Assessment
  • IT Security Compliance
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Security Health Check
Why FireEye through Connection

Stop Email Threats in Their Tracks

When looking to invade a network, one of the prime entry points for hackers is email. If you’re not certain of your organization’s ability to defend against threats, don’t take a chance. Complete this form to learn more about FireEye's email security solution and promotions.