Rethink your retail experience

Give your employees the high-performance tools they need

Retail has come a long way in the modern age—and customer awareness is at an all-time high because of it. From inventory levels to reviews and online ordering, shoppers are increasingly asking for more from their brick-and-mortar-store buying experience. As a result, your business needs to be ready for evolving expectations and demands. Google Chrome Enterprise empowers stronger sale methods, allowing your store to stay current with today’s fast moving technology trends.
Rethink your retail experience

Google Chrome Enterprise empowers stronger sale methods.

The average salesperson spends less than 50% of their time selling.
62% of retail workers say mobility solutions have made their jobs easier.
89% of shoppers are interested in ordering out-of-stock items via a digital device when in-store.

Create a Better In-store Environment with the Cloud

Empower your team members and drive competitive advantage with cloud-native tools:
  • Easy access to apps and info
    Give ready access to the apps and information employees need to better assist customers.
  • A better way to work
    Start fast and stay fast on devices with quick boot times and the familiar UX of Chrome Browser and Chrome OS.
  • Devices that work anywhere
    Choose from 2-in-1s, tablets, clamshells, and more to connect your team from anywhere.
Create a Better In-store Environment with the Cloud

Read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact Study of Google Chrome Enterprise to learn how Chrome devices deliver:

  • Productivity gains of 3 hours per week for each kiosk or shared device deployed.
  • 3% increase in same-store revenue.
  • 75% reduction in IT time deploying, maintaining, and supporting Chrome Enterprise devices.

Wow Your Shoppers

Grab customer attention like never before with cloud-based solutions.
  • Self-service transactions
    Give your customers more autonomy while influencing purchase decisions with self-service kiosks.
  • Knowledgeable service
    Help customers make better purchasing decisions with team members who have the latest product info at their fingertips.
  • Personalized customer experience
    Add a sense of wonder to product discovery.
Wow Your Shoppers

Why Choose Chrome Enterprise?

Secure By Design
Comprehensive, proactive, built-in security to prevent malicious attacks and easily monitor and lock down all devices to keep your customers' data protected.
Easy to Orchestrate and Share
Simplify security, access, and rollout with Chrome Enterprise.
Faster ROI
Lower expenses, drive revenue, reduce acquisition and operational costs, and improve business uptime by deploying Chromebooks.

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