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Organizations with a fleet of vehicles have a host of challenges—including fleet safety, efficiency, regulatory compliance, and delivery optimization. Engage your fleet by delivering innovative solutions that produce actionable insights. Implementing a GPS Insight solution as part of a total fleet management platform will result in continuous improvement of your organization’s overall fleet growth and bottom line savings.

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GPS Insight

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Avoid Fines and Violations
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Phase 3 ELD Mandate requires all trucks with AOBRDs—or without an existing ELD—be equipped with an approved solution that tracks hours of service and driver-vehicle inspection reports. Failure to adhere to the mandate results in violations, fines, and out-of-service impacts for each truck with non-compliant technology.

GPS Insight has an ELD app that can run on Android and iOS devices that meets the federal mandate and helps organizations become compliant.
Reduce Costs
Fuel consumption, route optimization, and fees can impact the operating performance of any truck fleet. The reality is that tracking your company vehicles is not about distrusting drivers—it’s a means of controlling costs, improving efficiencies, and increasing revenue for the company.

GPS Insight provides organization real-time fleet visibility and trend data that empowers organizations to reduce fleet operating costs such as maintenance, fuel consumption, route optimization, and more.
Driver and Public Safety
Companies need to manage fleet vehicle and driver safety. Known challenges historically have existed with the manual RODS tracking process, and the ELD mandate seeks to make fleets and our roadway system safer.

GPS Insight provides 3- and 4-way cameras to help organizations identify unsafe driving while offering the ability to help coach better behaviors. This results in reduced insurance costs, improved brand image, and safety for all.

Complete Your Solution with Samsung

With mobile devices from Samsung, you can eliminate hard-wire issues throughout your fleet, allowing you to simplify your vehicles and leave clunky in-cab tablet installations out of the picture—saving you time and money. Thanks to larger screens, longer battery life, and the proven security of Samsung Knox, Samsung mobile devices are just what your team needs to manage driving logs, submit reports, and stay in compliance.

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Complete Your Solution with Samsung

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