HPE Certified Pre-Owned Program

We Take. We Make. We Throw Away.

Technology innovation is making everything smaller, faster, and more efficient—creating opportunities and driving new business models. Unfortunately, all that progress comes with a cost. Continually discarding equipment is not sustainable for resources, business, and the planet. It’s time to start thinking differently. Old, legacy technology is a source of value that can fund innovation, while decreasing environmental impacts. Discover how to begin your circular economy journey with HPE.
HPE CertifiedPre-Owned products

Simplify IT and Drive Business Innovation

Global citizenship is at the core of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and as a result, their partners around the world uphold the same high standards. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is committed to managing IT investments responsibly and with compassion for the environment and society.

Why HPE Certified Pre-Owned?
You increasingly think about your IT infrastructure, not just as assets to enable the digital enterprise, but with a comprehensive lifecycle strategy approach. With that in mind, there’s never been a better time to support the new mission of IT with a blend of new and legacy IT.

HPE Certified Pre-owned products include previous-generation technology that has gone through a rigorous OEM testing process to ensure functionality. HPE Certified Pre-owned products provide a balance of quality, compatibility, economics, and reliability, and can be custom configured and deployment-ready to meet your business needs.
Optimize Legacy Environments
Driving innovation and reliability within your IT infrastructure doesn’t always mean relying solely on new technology. According to a recent study, 70% of companies are interested in leveraging pre-owned IT products to extend the life of their legacy systems. These companies report many benefits, including reduced IT costs, reduced e-waste, maximized ROI, and a performance level as good as new.